Afrexim’s Silver Jubilee Anniversary and Superlative Conference: JEE Takeaways

Afrexim, the premier pan-African multilateral financial institution exclusively devoted to financing and promoting intra- and extra-African trade, recently celebrated its 25th anniversary on the back of its thought-provoking and ground-breaking conference themed ‘Eximbanking for an Emergent Africa: The next 25 years’.

That the event focused on the transformative power of trade and economic development across the continent was a glowing testament to the visionary leadership of Dr. Benedict Oramah, President and Chairman Board of Directors, Afrexim. The plenary sessions were empanelled with policy shapers and impeccable entrepreneurs re-thinking the underpinnings of intra and extra Africa trade whilst the breakout sessions provided an avenue for Afrexim to scintillate the audience with its ground breaking and catalytic trade reforms.

Unlike other conferences organised by development financial institutions, this conference was distinct because of the infusion of Afrexim’s catalyst agenda, its contemporary views and panacea approach towards issues of de-commoditization. The conference emphasized Afrexim’s increased value addition and export diversification mantra across Africa as well as its structural transformative programme to alter Africa’s trade landscape and shape a better future for the continent.

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