COMESA Competition Control in 2019: Some Practical Considerations

African Trade & Investment Edition


The Common Market’s 2018 report is encouraging; accounting for 46% of African FDI inflows, with 33% of all projects being greenfield, 38% of all cross-border M&A sales and raking in USD 19 billion investment income. Comesa’s value and contribution to regional trade is therefore established. Likewise, the business case for competition rules fifteen years on, seems to have been sustained. Competition regulations are important because they set minimum standards for free and effective competition whilst discouraging anti-competitive conduct. Further, cross-border business regulation builds capacity and develops cost-effective strategies for monitoring elusive trade barriers like market monopoly. This is a brief review of Comesa transactions during the active years of the Comesa Competition Commission (2013-2019), with an analysis of selected case studies in antitrust, consumer protection and M&A matters. This paper aims to advise on technical aspects of the regulatory regime for investment advisors operating within the Common Market.

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