Labour and Employment Law in Nigeria

What You Must Know on Labour and Employment Relations in Nigeria.

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1. What are the statutes applicable to labour and employment in Nigeria?

The main statutes applicable to employment and labour relations in Nigeria include:
• Labour Act
• Trade Dispute Act
• Trade Unions Act
• Employee Compensation Act
• Factories Act
• Pension Reforms Act
• Personal Income Tax Act
• Housing Act
• Industrial Training Fund Act
• National Health Insurance Scheme Act
• Immigration Act, and
• National Industrial Court Act etc.
• The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Third Alteration) Act, 2010

The Labour Act is the principal legislation governing employment relations in Nigeria. Its application is limited to employees engaged under a contract of manual labour or clerical work in private and public sector.

Employees exercising administrative, executive, technical or professional functions are governed by their respective contracts of employment. It is pertinent to note that reliance is sometimes placed on judicial authorities to espouse some labour and employment law principles.

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