Migrant E- Registration in Nigeria

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) recently launched the Migrant e-Registration Platform for foreigners who intend to stay in the country beyond ninety (90) days. This is in line with provision of the Immigration Regulations 2017. The Federal Government of Nigeria has directed all foreigners in the country to register with the NIS by January 2020.

Who must register
All foreign visitors to Nigeria, including ECOWAS nationals who intend to stay for longer than a duration of ninety (90) days, must register at designated registration centres. What is not immediately clear is whether the 90-day period would be cumulative, but there should be further clarifications regarding this within the first few months. Notwithstanding, this ambiguity, it is advisable for all foreigners /employers to comply with the current directive even when uncertain that their stay may exceed 90days.

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