Nigeria’s Copyright Bill Signed into Law.

Nigeria’s Copyright Bill Signed into Law.

President Muhammadu Buhari has signed into law the Copyright Bill, which is geared towards protecting the rights of authors of original works. This development in Nigeria’s creative industry would ensure that authors receive the proper recognition and financial reward for their creativity and hard work. This will also enable the growth of a vibrant creative sector in Nigeria, boosting the economy and providing more opportunities for creativity and innovation.

The passage of this Copyright Act 2022 (the Act) heralds the beginning of a new era for Nigeria’s creative industry, as it includes provisions that address topical copyright issues, as well as some of the challenges posed by the digital and online use of copyrighted works, making Nigeria’s creative industry more globally competitive.

As a pacesetter in Intellectual Property Law practice, our Partner, Mr. Obafemi Agaba, participated in the Technical Working Group that contributed to the Bill.

Our firm, Jackson, Etti & Edu, applauds the government for this development and congratulates the Technical Working Group for their hard work and commitment to making this Bill a reality. This Act is a significant step toward the enhanced protection of copyrighted works and will undoubtedly positively affect the creative economy.

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