The ‘NIGERIA AIR’ Domain Name Saga – A case of a Stitch in Time…?

When Senator Hadi Sirika, Honourable Minister of State for Aviation, said that the long-lost dreams of Nigeria Airways were restored with the unveiling of the new national flag carrier/airline little did he know that the headlines would be something that appeared ‘small’ yet had an ability to generate such furore.

I am talking about Olumayowa Elegbede, the “sharp guy” as some may call him, who saw this as an opportunity to make a fortune and quickly purchased the following domain names: and

  1. Smart move or an illegality?
  2. Will the Federal Government get these domains back?
  3. Errrhhhmmm…what exactly are Domain names and why are they so important?

An Intro to Domain Names…

  1. Definition – The simplest definition I can think of is this: A domain name is the website name of an entity, through which users of the internet can have access to the website. It consists of any combination of letters and numbers, used in conjunction with different extensions such as .ng, .com, .net, etc., depending on the type of entity.
  2. Examples of domain names include,,,, and

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