Understanding The Dynamics Of Influencer Marketing

“A brand is no longer what [brand owners] tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is” - Scott Cook

In recent years, there has been a sea change in advertisement models. We have seen advertising methods evolve from traditional TV and print media ads to social media platforms where products of a brand get the attention of the right audience by the click of a button. With several brands wrestling for the consumers attention, each brand has had
to come up with a strategy that puts its product up front, or at least gets the necessary
attention from the consuming public to keep it in business, hence the birth of “Brand Infuencers”.

Who are Brand Infuencers?

These are individuals with large followership or fan base on/off social media
platforms, who have the capacity to make customers of their fan base (followership).
In other words, these categories of persons utilize their influence on their followership to promote brands and products, and are capable of driving traffic towards a product page or purchase.

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