Working At JEE

Driven by and committed to excellence, we are motivated to recruit the very best talent to continue this great legacy.


At Jackson, Etti & Edu we are particular about excellence, growth and development; for the firm and the people who make the firm.

We believe in recruiting the best talent and then rewarding this talent with opportunity, exposure as well as vast knowledge and resources.

To work at Jackson, Etti & Edu is to work alongside some of the very best legal counselors in Africa and the world as a whole. Lawyers at Jackson, Etti and Edu are continually granted opportunities to work hands-on with top profile clients and organizations on challenging and complex cases and projects across different Sectors of Industry and Practice Areas; this in turn grooms us for even more complex and challenging cases; hence our reputation as experts, we are always leading and at the forefront.

Value in a law firm is no longer found only exclusively in legal teams. We bring together specialists across Business Development, Finance, HR and Information Technology to create a world-class team.

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At Jackson, Etti & Edu we run a Graduate Recruitment Programme; it is our way of making it easy for suitable candidates to get onboard the vision of Jackson, Etti & Edu

The scheme supports proper placement and growth, to ensure that candidates who join Jackson, Etti & Edu via the scheme, are availed of every opportunity to learn, work and grow as they transition through the ranks at our firm.

The process is transparent, fair and adheres to the Jackson, Etti & Edu standards of excellence. To apply, kindly email

At Jackson, Etti & Edu we believe in diversity and we adhere to this belief through and through. It reflects in the way we recruit; train, grant opportunities, handle cases and engage with our clients.

No one at Jackson, Etti & Edu feels left out, ignored or left behind; we grow together as individuals and as a firm. Gender, Religion and Ethnicity are factors that make us richer in our approach and never a point of division. We celebrate our diversity