Commercial Intellectual Property & Data

Commercial Intellectual Property

Commercial IP

The fusion of our rich background in intellectual property law and our expertise in corporate and commercial law practice affords us the rare skill combination required to assist clients navigate safely through the intricate intellectual property issues that arise in commercial transactions.

IP Due Diligence/IP Audits

We assist our clients in evaluating their IP portfolio or those of companies of interests to them, with a view to ascertaining the ownership, quality and quantity of IP assets of the target company. Each IP due diligence/Audit exercise is carried out meticulously thus ensuring the accuracy and exhaustiveness of same. We conduct IP due diligence / audit exercises from the standpoint of a clear understanding of the client’s specific business objectives and are therefore able to provide clients with an detailed report that is appropriate for each specific transaction.


We provide specialist legal advice on various aspects of franchise transactions and guide clients through the maze of legal, regulatory and transactional hurdles that are usual to franchise arrangements. Whether it is a major international brand seeking to expand into the Nigerian commercial space, or a local entity seeking to buy a franchise, we provide our clients with tailor-made advice that ensures that their commercial interests are well-served.

IP Licensing

Developing license strategies, negotiating and drafting license agreements are part of the services we offer under our commercial IP practice. We help our clients determine license arrangements that align with each client’s peculiar business strategy and objectives.

IP Co-Existence / Settlement Agreements

There is an increasing preference for settlement of IP disputes through Co-existence/Settlement Agreements, rather than the usual dispute resolution mechanisms. We leverage on our experience to help clients negotiate settlement on intricate IP disputes.

IP Documentation

We are versed in the art of drafting and vetting documentation for all manner of IP-related transactions and business arrangements. We give attention to the fine details of each transaction and are able to prepare well crafted agreements that minimizes the possibility of disputes and enhance harmonious business relationships between the parties.



The rising interest in data protection is a result of the increased risk of compromising personal data in today’s world. Currently, the possibility of data breaches at a global scale has increased exponentially, given the internet, cloud computing and other data-utilising technology which present multifaceted and intricate data risks. Data protection has become crucial and imperative for every organization that requires or make use of data, especially personal data

At JEE, our data protection team is aware of these issues and has vast knowledge and expertise to advise clients on the EU data General Data Protection Regulation, the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation 2019 (NDPR) and other data protection laws. With data protection taking a centre stage in compliance discussions in Nigeria and across the world, we provide advice in the context of the peculiarities of the clients’ key sectors. These sectors include: Energy, Financial Services, FMCG, Health & Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, and Technology Media & Entertainment.

Our approach is preventive. We help our clients identify data protection risks and provide advisory and support to mitigate such risks. We also provide data protection compliance audits to evaluate organisations’ level of compliance with the GDPR and NITDA Data Protection Regulations. JEE is one of the few accredited Data Protection Compliance Organisation (DPCO) by NITDA.

For several years, we have offered consulting services on data protection issues to local and international clientele, including several global companies.We can speak to data protection as an organic subject as it interacts with the internal processes and operations within the business of an organisation and not just as another regulatory concern.

Our services include:

  • Advising on the organisation’s obligations under GDPR and NITDA data protection regime
  • Assessing data protection risks and proffering practical solutions
  • Drafting data protection policies and standard data privacy clauses
  • Drafting data transfer agreements or data processing agreements/clauses for third party data processors
  • Developing a general data protection and privacy policy statement
  • Developing a data privacy policy framework for organisations
    Organising data protection compliance trainings for organisations
  • Acting as Data Protection Officer (DPO) for organisations required to appoint a DPO in accordance with the NDPR.
    Conducting Audits and filing Reports for organisations requiring compliance filings with the NDPR.

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